What is air duct cleaning?

If your home contains ductwork and vents, then you have a built-in breeding ground for a nasty assortment of indoor air pollutants, including:
Dust mites
Fungus & Bacteria
Pet dander
Mold spores
Chemical fumes and dust from new carpets, paint, dry wall, and other home construction and remodeling materials
Pollen, Dust Mites, Fungi

These and other known indoor pollutants cause or aggravate more than 50% of all known illnesses, according to statistics provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Those who suffer the most are children and family members with asthma or chronic allergy problems.
So, with all the time you spend indoors, doesn't it make sense to breathe clean and healthy air? Of course it does. And with our patented duct cleaning technology:
Air duct services can quickly and affordably remove up to 99.7% of all indoor air pollutants from your vents and ducts.
Here's something else to consider. If you recently purchased a home with existing ductwork - and you have no idea when or if the ducts were last cleaned - you should definitely consider contacting Air duct services. Otherwise, you and your family will continue to breathe all of the indoor air pollutants that you may have inherited without even realizing it.

What is inside your duct work?

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spores from such growth may be released into living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other respiratory problems by people if they are exposed to them.

Although industry associations concerned have established standards, methods of Air Duct Cleaning wary. Typically a service provider will

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Suffering From Asthma
Or Allergies?
Are these microscopic fungi in your lungs right now?
"Legionnaire's Disease, which can be caused by improper maintenance of cooling towers and HVAC systems, strikes 25,000